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  5. "Qual jornal você assina?"

"Qual jornal você assina?"

Translation:What newspaper do you subscribe to?

May 9, 2013



When are we supposed to use "sign" or "subscribe"? I cannot seem to tell.


"Sign" is used for writing your name at the end, "subscribe" is to receive every month (to subscribe for a periodical). Both are 'assinar' in Portuguese.


I signed up for this course therefore I have a subscription to it.


Couldn't this also mean 'which paper do you sign' ?, like if someone was signing a contract. ('signing the papers'....)


Paper = papel / newspaper = jornal. I agree sign is also a suitable answer, but do you think that would sound natural/correct to you: 'what newspaper do you sign?' This question points a routine. I dont think many people spend their time signing newspapers. So, in such case i think subscribe works better. It will depend on the context which one to use, more in English than Portuguese, cause in Portuguese they're the same. If one says "qual jornal você assina?" we'd see that as "what newspaper do you subscribe to?"


I agree with you to an extent, but there are a lot of questions and statements in this program that don't sound "normal" anyway. In fact we usually have to answer as literal as we can in attempt to evade losing our lovely hearts lol. Its more dangerous to assume and arbitrarily assign the meaning "subscribe" to "assina" when the whole time we've learned it as "sign". then on top of that the "help" selection can be misleading.

but like I said, I understand where you're coming from boss!


Ok, thanks. jornal had 'paper' as a hint but I guess that just means paper as an abbreviation for newspaper. I'd forgotten about papel.


No problem, man....when we make mistakes and when we ask questions, we remember better the things we learned.... so, keep it up. Any time you have a question, doubt, find something strange, you should ask....then you'll keep in mind easier ;)


Thanks so much for your help :)


Amen brother,so true...... :)


"to" in final the sentence,why??


In the olden days, we were taught to never end a sentence with a preposition. In that case, we would say, "To which newspaper do you subscribe?" Nowadays, that rule seems to have fallen by the wayside, as we say.


thanks for your explanation man.


The olden days are not even really that old. The rule that a preposition can't be final was made up to begin with, and had more to do with Latin than anyone speaking English. For one description of the history, see here. http://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2011/11/grammar-myths-prepositions/


Is this really wrong? "What newspaper do you subscribe?" I mean, am I obligated to use the preposition? Thanks in advance for your assistance...


Nope. You subscribe to/for something.


why qual instead of que? I thought qual could not function as an adjective?


It can, I believe, function as an adjective, meaning 'which one'.


What newspaper are you signed up for ..... has the same meaning in English


How about using Inscrivir. Qual jornal você inscrive? (Or something aroudn that word) I am just not sure. Thanks!


No, it does not work

To subscribe to = assinar

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