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  5. "We zouden moeten stoppen."

"We zouden moeten stoppen."

Translation:We should stop.

July 27, 2014



Can this also mean "We would have to stop"?


That's what I am wondering. I said, "We would need to stop," and it wasn't accepted.


Same... and Google Translate agrees with me (not that it's the most reliable resource).


I know. I've come to trust Google to an extent, and this is one of those instances where I think it's correct.


Ik heb hetzelfde antwoord. Google translate vertaald: "We would have to stop" naar het Nederlandse "We zouden moeten stoppen"


Can you say "Ik zou dat hebben moeten gedaan" = "I would have done that" or ???


I believe "ik zou dat hebben moeten gedaan" would be "I should have done that." If you wanted to say "would" you would exclude the "moeten," making it "ik zou dat hebben gedaan." :)


Sorry I meant should I just got confused, lol, that's what I meant to ask. I wanna get good at subjunctive just in case anyone ever asks me to say something in Dutch and I have no idea what to say so I can just say "Um well I know subjunctive" and then I can be like "Ik zou dat hebben moeten gedaan" and they'd be like oh ok this is valid/legit and they won't bother me anymore about saying things.

I find subjunctive to be the hardest thing of Dutch -_- even though it's easier than German subjunctive


Oh, ha ha, well hopefully I cleared something up for you. ;) You'll get it in time! It'll probably just take a little practice. :)


Meh I have most of it I just wanted to make sure I was right. I'm okay with "ik zou dat doen" or "ik zou dat gedaan hebben" but when you add in like moeten and kunnen and stuff I get like really confused like what even so confuse tbh.

I'm sure I'll fix it with practice. Maybe I'll just write everything in subjunctive until my Dutch friends get annoyed lol.

But thxu 4 het antwoord.


"ik zou dat gedaan moeten hebben" or "ik zou dat hebben moeten doen" sounds more natural to me :).

But if you prefer to avoid all those verbs, "ik had dat moeten doen" is easier and I think more common too.


No, "Ik zou dat hebben moeten gedaan." Can mean two things:

I should have done it already, but I haven't done it yet.


I regret not doing something in the past, looking back to that situation, I should have done something different.


I'd rather say "Het zou nodig zijn dat we stoppen" for "We would need to stop", but I'm not sure that sounds natural.


Hmm, not very natural indeed. We zouden (=would) moeten (=have/need) stoppen (=to stop) seems the best translation to me, it's natural too. Het zou nodig zijn dat we stoppen would translate into It would be necessary that we stop, or in a more natural way, [...] for us to stop. It's a change in passive/active stuff, I guess?


Wij and we is the sameee!!!!


Not pronunciation-wise.


How do you say "We should have stopped?" "We zouden moeten zijn gestopt?" klopt?

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