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  5. "Weren't you cold?"

"Weren't you cold?"

Translation:Nach robh thu fuar?

May 18, 2020



the last translation was 'nach robh thu fuar? Chan eil" and I translated it as weren't you cold? no, and got it wrong however the only correct answer given to this question "Nach robh thu fuar?' is weren't you cold. why is wrong before and correct here


Are you sure it wasn't one of these:

An robh thu fuar? Cha robh = Were you cold? No.

A bheil thu fuar? Chan eil = Are you cold? No.

Because those are listed in the sentences, whereas your example isn't... and you can't use 'Chan eil' (I am not) to answer to 'Nach robh ...' (Were you ...) as that should be 'I was not'.

Hope that helps.

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