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Verbs on Objects?

Hoi! I have a question. So obviously I say: Ik eet, je eet, een jongen en het meisje eten, but how do I give an object an action? For example, the verb 'breken' for 'break'. 'Ik breek' = 'I break', but how would I say; 'the glass breaks'? Dank je wel.

July 27, 2014



Het glas breekt; de glazen breken. The glass breaks; the glasses break;

Just put the noun as the subject of the verb and make sure that you use the single or the plural of the verb depending on your subject.

I think you may be getting a bit distracted by an object as a thing - a glass - and an object as a part of speech. An object (het glas) can also be a subject as in the sentence you suggest.

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