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  5. "I was not sleeping."

"I was not sleeping."

Translation:Cha robh mi a' cadal.

May 18, 2020



I think you can also say 'cha robh mi nam chadal'? There's an old folk song which starts "tha mi nam chadal". Perhaps that construction is for later in the course.


Yes, definitely! Actually I believe cha robh mi nam chadal would be much more natural, and also should be accepted here.

I think that the course doesn’t teach (at the moment at least) such construction like tha mi nam chadal I am sleeping, tha e na shuidhe he is sitting, bha i na seasamh she was standing, etc. and that’s the only reason that they use the less natural a’ cadal, a’ suidhe, etc. in the course at the moment.


What is the litearal meaning of partical na/nam in this context? Is not it an attribute of the negation?


It’s not a particle, and has nothing to do with negation.

nam means in my, tha mi nam chadal means literally I am in my sleep.

na means in his (if it causes lenition) or in her (then no lenition).


Thank you very much for the explanation. It is very helpful to learn more natural vocables.

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