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Podcast for students

I want my students to listen to the recent podcast about corona virus, but I don't want them to read the story. How can I handle this?

May 18, 2020



Jorma, would you also please post about how you are using the podcasts? You say you are giving them comprehension questions to answer? And how often are you using the podcasts? Do your students enjoy them?

I am the worst geek in the world -- I have hit the singularity and don't understand much of the new tech. I haven't listened to the podcasts in a while, but I recall that they are available for download. Why don't you try downloading them, and then sharing the audio with your students? It will probably be too much work for them to search for the script if you do it that way.

There are several ways you can share the audio, depending on what platform your school is using.

  1. You can attach it to an e-mail. It will take a lot of time to send, but that's a possibility.

  2. You can embed it in whatever platform your school is using (Teams, Google Classroom, Canvas, Skoology, a million I haven't heard of) . Create an assignment and attach it.

  3. If you store it to the cloud, like Microsoft One Drive, there will be a way to "share" it. Right click on it, and it will give you something that looks like a url to paste into your documents, your e-mails, or your Assignment tab.

  4. You could simply play it during a Zoom/Teams/ whatever online class meeting, and have the students take notes. I kind of feel like this would be a poor use of class time, though. And I don't know about you, but I am getting a "Zoom headache."

I hope this helps! Please give me more details how you are incorporating the podcasts into your classroom.


hi Madam, thanks for the comprehensive answer. I have used the podcasts in the past with my 11-yr old son while driving, we just plug in the cellphone and listen to Pandora. Now with teaching online and next is the last week, I taught would be a good idea to have students listen to a podcast, and I found the one about corona virus, which is current events they can relate to, but then I know that if I give them the link to the podcast with the transcript to answer some questions, they won't listen to the podcast, and try to find the asnwers in the transcript. That's why I was asking how to put the audiofile first, and then a few days later the transcript. The Youtube podcast coronaVirus seems to be a good option. Your ideas are very good. Thanks.


I don't know how your class is, Jorma, but I know for my classes, I would probably give them the script and tell them to read along while they listen. I think it helps memorization of words to look at it and hear it at the same time (and if the students could be counted on to handwrite it while they are looking at it and saying it, all at the same time, that would be great for their brains). But also, I don't know about you, but my high-school students are so very stressed right now. I just want to keep them engaging with the material, in whatever way they will.

Just a thought.

That is great that you are bringing up your son bilingually!


Do you mean read about something before they listen to it?


I want my students lo listen to the podcast, so that they develop the listening skill. I will give them some questions to answer. If they can read, especially the dual-language script, they won't want to listen.

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