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"Le lendemain, il n'y avait plus de touristes."

Translation:The next day, there were no more tourists.

May 19, 2020



"on the next day, there were no more tourists"; rejected, obviously! Reported. This section is yet another where DL needs to do some serious work or risk seriously pissing off the community.


2021 Feb - confused a little by this one. If referring to COVID, how would one differentiate between, "the next day, there were not more cases" and "the next day, there were no more cases"?

Are both, "Le lendemain, il n'y avait plus de cas"?

They certainly do not mean the same thing.

Thanks for your input:)

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from Deepl Traductor ... it is the same thing ...


The next day, there were NOT more tourists????? Am I missing something? Is this a regionalism or a mistake on my part, or did DL miss the boat on this one? Are these expressions not synonymous?


I'm curious about the pronunciation. That S in "plus" -- is it supposed to be pronounced instead of silent? Is that generally true?

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you are right, here we don't pronounce the "s" (plus) (Generally in a negative sentence, we don't pronounce the "s", obvious there are exceptions ! French is French ;-) )

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