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  5. "De hond drinkt water."

"De hond drinkt water."

Translation:The dog is drinking water.

July 27, 2014



Just in case anyone is interested (I like knowing this kind of stuff) - Duo will not accept hound as a translation. I don't think they are wrong, either. I am going to try canine next for fun having already lost a heart.


Unrelated... have a lingot for a 594 streak! Gob-smacked! I'm happy to get into high single digits :)


wow... a 1042 streak!


Can this be translated as "the dog drinks water" and also "the dog is drinking water"?


I am also curious why "the dog drinks water" is incorrect


Why is "hond" in this sentence pronounced "va-woont"? I never heard of a va-woont in English or German. Or Spanish, Arabic or Russian. Perhaps Hollywood.


The audio file has been changed to delete the"va" sound that was in it earlier. The "de va-woont" is now "de wond" which is not de hond. I never had this problem in Germany in real life. A hond was a hond.


Hond m ( dog )

Het ( The - Neuter Definite Article Determiner ) • 't usual speech contraction • From Middle Dutch - Dat • same as the neuter pronoun Het

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