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Er skill and idioms (struggling with this one!)

Hey! Starting to get fluent in Dutch, as many of you here.

I would like to say to the contributors (apart from congratulating them for this well organized course!), that several skills need to be polished in my opinion. One of those could be the "Er" I mention. I'm halfway in the lessons and feel myself unskilled when I notice there are several idioms using "Er", whose meaning is far from literal. Of course some other courses have their own "Idioms" skill, and I think this shouldn't be compulsory, but optional for those who can find this a bit painful. Point is, "Er" skill should have more straightforward and common sentences in its lessons, that have no other meaning, and leave those idioms for later in the tree.

And finally, for the rest of Dutch learners that start from scratch, like me, what can I do to make this idiom learning process less painful? Thank you all!

July 27, 2014



I don't think the "er" sentences should be considered as idioms, and making them optional would be a bad idea since they are used all the time in everyday life. That said, the structure is very different from English which makes a literal translation impossible in most cases, and which will make it a very difficult skill for a lot of learners to grasp. Maybe they could have tried to wait a little longer to introduce it in the course, but because it is used so often I guess it make sense to teach it relatively early.

Don't worry if you have to redo these lessons a few times. Try to understand the great tips that are provided (maybe you can also check some other online resources), and learn from the examples given in the lessons. I hope that way you'll be able to make it through after a few attempts.


I think reinifb isn't complaining about "er" itself, but about some idiom sentences that are included in the "er" skill.

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