"Her hat"

Translation:Il suo cappello

May 9, 2013

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I forgot 1 p 1! and get the whole point off. That's lame


Yeah, that's because "capello" is a different word :)


any tips on keeping the two separate? I've gotten these mixed up for years!


You can collect more hats (two p's), but it's weird if you collect hair (one p). (It's similar to my way of remember canon versus cannon or desert versus dessert in English.)


I am confused at to why it wouldn't be "la suo cappello" to imply it is "her" hat. I understand cappello is a masculine word, but how do you know if it is her, his or its hat?


"il suo cappello" can be either his or her hat.


Then how does one know whether or not the sentence is referring to a female or male? If someone was to ask: "Fetch me her hat" - how does an italian speaker know that the asker is not asking for a mans hat?


you would use the generic form "il suo cappello" should there be one hat, or if you also pointed to the appropiate hat. however, if you are required to be more specific, you could use

"il cappello di lui" OR " il cappello di Lei"


In conversation the use of a pronoun only makes sense if the subject was already identified. In this case where the sentence stands alone it could be his or her but it's implied we already know the subject is a female.


Why not lei cappella?


How did you even come up with that sentence? o.O That means (in a very colloquially regional slang) "she makes a mistake".


lei=her I thought by changing cappello to cappella makes the hat feminine


normally wonderful admin getting a bit terse teacher today :)


Thanks for the wonderful but I do have my bad days :) And perhaps sometimes I channel my old teachers :P


I still do not understand how you declare it to be 'her' hat, when the possessive pronoun is the same as if it were 'his' hat. Very confusing!

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