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  5. "It is cold, put gloves on."

"It is cold, put gloves on."

Translation:Tha i fuar, cuir miotagan ort.

May 19, 2020



Isn't "làmhainnean" or "làmhanan" also correct for "gloves?


Yes, Faclair.com provided these and other variants of both làmhanan and miotagan, although I have never heard anything but miotagan.

Dwelly (1911) (RHS of faclair.com) clarified that làmhan was more likely to be used for a 'kid glove' and miotag for a 'worsted glove'. However, since my gloves are neither kid nor worsted, I think we can assume this distinction is obsolete.

But the mods have better things to do with their time than key in words that exist in theory but are never actually used. So if anyone genuinely uses this word, please report using 'my answer should be accepted'. Otherwise let's just stick to current Gaelic. D

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