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  5. "We move from place to place."

"We move from place to place."

Translation:We bewegen ons van plaats naar plaats.

July 27, 2014



En waarom niet "van plaats tot plaats"?


Hi NCThom,

tot is used with times, and naar with places. I think, I haven't really thought about it.

Hope this helps :)


i feel like "wij gaan" is acceptable too


"gaan" is to go, "bewegen" is to move

"gaan" i believe requires some sort of destination or it would seem a little awkward; another room, across town, the doctor's office, etc.


Actually I never would translate it like this, but as either: "We gaan van plek naar plek." In which 'plek' is a perfectly good destination, or an even free-er translation: "We verhuizen de hele tijd."


I know it's been a while since you posted this reply, but may I ask if your phrase "We verhuizen de hele tijd" translates more accurately to "We move all the time"? Can you say, alternatively, "Wij verhuizen van plek naar peek" in this case?

I'm glad you mentioned the subtle difference between "bewegen" and "verhuizen" here. Does this mean "verhuizen" is more accurate for describing a person or family relocating their place of residence often? And can I assume that "We bewegen ons van plaats naar plaats" can better describe a person, or group of people, moving from one area to another, as on a guided tour through a museum?


I guess your suggestion has a general meaning - it could mean moving, or bar-hopping, or spending the day at a farmer's market or theme park. DL's seems to imply moving from town to town, as if there were an army family, who had to move frequently. I think yours makes a bit more sense.


To add a little more: 'bewegen' is generally only used as a translation for physical exercise or in very formal speech (like political speech).

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That is not correct TheDeeplyBroken. If move is translated as "bewegen" it is the physical movement and to go would be a perfect alternative. "To move" in the sense you mean would have to be translated into Dutch as "verhuizen"


In this case "verhuizen" would be a better translation!


When should we use "zich" and "ons/me/je" ?

I wrote "we bewegen zich van plaats naar plaats." and it marked as wrong

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