"Which planets orbit around our sun?"

Translation:Welke planeten draaien rond onze zon?

4 years ago



Can I say "Welke planeten draaien onze zon rondom"? Or how would I order the words if I used " rondom"?

4 years ago

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Some one correct me if I am wrong, but I believe "rondom" would split into "rond" and "om" when use as a preposition (like "naartoe"), so it would look like "Welke planeten draaien rond onze zon om." I um unsure if they are interchangeable or not.

4 years ago


Native speaker here. Please don't do that. "Welke planeten draaien rond onze zon" or "Welke planeten draaien rondom onze zon". The former sounds better I think.

4 years ago


Je kunt wel zeggen: welke planeten draaien rondom onze zon. Niet andersom.

1 year ago
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