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"Which planets orbit around our sun?"

Translation:Welke planeten draaien rond onze zon?

July 27, 2014



Can I say "Welke planeten draaien onze zon rondom"? Or how would I order the words if I used " rondom"?


Some one correct me if I am wrong, but I believe "rondom" would split into "rond" and "om" when use as a preposition (like "naartoe"), so it would look like "Welke planeten draaien rond onze zon om." I um unsure if they are interchangeable or not.


Native speaker here. Please don't do that. "Welke planeten draaien rond onze zon" or "Welke planeten draaien rondom onze zon". The former sounds better I think.


Je kunt wel zeggen: welke planeten draaien rondom onze zon. Niet andersom.


This sentence Duo uses "orbit around"; in other sentences sometimes only "orbit"... Why?

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