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How do I use portuguese letters on a standard english keyboard?

For example - ê or ç. The language bar in windows 7 has proved insufficient.

Thanks for the help.

May 9, 2013



On a standard English keyboard there is no other way but use Alt codes which is rather slow and annoying.

Try to replace your standard English layout with US International keyboard layout: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306560. It will allow you to type both in English and in Portuguese.


good suggestion. I was afraid to try it.


Thank you very much!


You can do it online at http://portuguese.typeit.org/ and then just copy and paste where you want it to go.


Another good suggestion, thank you.


Actually, this is a good question. Why the down vote? I learned to use the key board Alt codes for Spanish. it might be slow but i don't need it that much. Only for discussions.


No idea why the down vote. I try to communicate with a few brazilians online and using Alt codes was incredibly tedious.


I understand what you mean. It WOULD be tedious. I will have to rethink this because I might want to type in Spanish some day soon.

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