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"Why are you annoyed all the time, Sophie?"

Translation:Pourquoi es-tu tout le temps énervée, Sophie ?

May 19, 2020



Pourquoi tu es toujours enervee Sophie? Was wrong but im not sure why. Is toujours interchangeable with tout le temps?


That's what I wrote. Personally, I think that ' yes, of course toujours means the same as tout le temps because always means the same as all the time in English.' It SHOULD be accepted.


could tout le temp be after enervee in your example?


Achtung, it's tout le temps.
It would work, but it would be slightly less natural. But why not.


"pourqoir es-tu enervee tout le temps Sophi," marked wrong. So I guess the answer to your question is "no"


the answer is actually 'yes'. 'tout le temps' is a floater adverb. first, last and in the middle.

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