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Approaching different methods.

So I am learning French and I am only using Duolingo . What other methods I should try? What methods will make me fluent in French or any other languages ?

May 19, 2020



1: Make flash cards for memorization.

2: Write down all the words that you have so far gone over in your language[s] course.

3: make sure to do duolingo every day.

4: Listen to the radio or watch TV in your target language:

5: read in magazines, books, etc. in your target language.

This will help you along really nicely! good luck!

I notice how you say ''fluent'' in your post. Duolingo will not make you fluent, because it's more of a beginner's course to get you started. Duolingo language courses do not contain all the words from the language.


Look for usefull Youtube channels:

  French Truly TV


many, many practices


Pimsleuer for speaking. Memrise for vocab. Plus a good grammar book with exercises (write out the answers, don't just do them in your head). Plus listen to lots of native speakers speaking French.


Hm. My french teacher always encouraged us to watch french cartoons. Or maybe watch the french news. I like to read comics that are french. It just helps me.


I hope this helps,


This is another thing that might help. I don't personally use it though. So I don't know how good this is. https://frenchtogether.com/french-cartoons/

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