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  5. "Thirty three dollars."

"Thirty three dollars."

Translation:Taadiin dóó biʼaan táá béeso.

May 19, 2020



Why does it require four words to say thirty three?


from what I have learned here, the word by word translation would be:

thirty - taadiin

and over - dóó bi'aan

three - táá

so while english just uses two words: thirty three

german would cojoin three words: dreiUNDdreissig - threeANDthirty

Navajo four: taadiin dóó bi'aan táá - thirty and over, three

I don't see French among your languages, but another example of weird ways to say numbers would be the french numbers between 80 and 99

like 97 - "quatre-vingt-dix-sept" - four-twenty-ten-seven. (four times twenty plus ten and seven)


All great points... Any etymology mavens out there who can comment on the possibility that bi'aan might be a borrowing from English, "beyond"? Maybe via a local pidgin usage some time in the 19th century??

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