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"Zij wordt door niemand gevolgd."

Translation:She is not being followed by anyone.

July 27, 2014



How does 'door' work in this sentence. I would have left it out if I were composing the Dutch "She is not being followed by anyone".


Does this apply to social media as well as a physical situation?


"ze" and "zij" are synonyms, and sometimes the pronunciation of the audio doesn't clearly say "zij" but rather resembles "ze". However in those cases "ze" is not accepted. I suggest this to be changed.


If you are not a native, it is natural to confuse it, even when real people use it! So do not worry, it will come. At first I could not hear the difference between "alstublieft" and "alsjeblieft" in a shop and it is easier now :)

[deactivated user]

    If you click the slow audio you can clearly hear the difference.


    Which someone will only do if they're not confident they heard it right. So I guess it might just be a complaint that Dutch native speakers will have.


    I'd guess that when people are speaking to each other, it doesn't matter much whether they said "ze" or "zij".


    Can I simply translate it to nobody is following her? I know it's not the literal translation, but the meaning is correct, right?


    No. Nobody is following her. = Niemand volgt haar.


    That seems not to be correct English to me!

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