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Back button within a lesson?

When I get going on a lesson I often hit Continue just as something from the previous question catches my attention. Maybe a large number of discussion posts, or I realize I forgot to pay attention to the pronunciation and want to hear it again. It would be nice to be able to browse back through the completed questions for that sort of thing.

May 9, 2013



I belive it would be more effective if it was shown to you at the endof the test so you can take notes on them or make vocab cards to practice studying


Yeah, this idea sounds better that going back during quizzing yourself for speed. I think there should be both options!


Especially on the timed ones, you're primed to hit enter to keep going, and I often notice I got something wrong only to have it disappear before I can find out what I did wrong. It'd be worth going back in those cases.


Yes, either this or an optional summary/list of questions once you reach the end of a lesson. I might prefer to go back and check the previous questions at the end of a lesson, rather than interrupt my flow in the middle of a lesson.


This appeals to me, too.


Yeah and maybe after the end of each lesson you get a full scale report on your performance where you can review and receive more information about each question and why you got it wrong or right.


Yes, this is a big problem for me, as well. Especially the timed practice. I usually miss whether i even got the last question right or wrong.


Maybe on the time one it can let you review your answer once you finished.


yes I agree that would be very nice if we have a button that would take us back.


¡Yo también! :)


Excellent idea.


I agree too.


You know what would be great? If they took the little green buttons at the top of lessons, the ones that indicate progress, and turned them all into little links. Then everything would look the same, and you'd just have to click on the one you wanted to return to a concept.


I am supporting this suggestion. And the possibility to check the summary of questions after a finished exercise.


I join the petition :)


If this happens again, try remembering the word highlighted in the question, so that once you've finished the lesson, you could just view the vocabulary, click on the word you remembered, click practice (there are usually just four questions I think), and listen to the pronunciation/view the discussion.


i think we don't need the back button 'cos the sentence will be repeated in the lesson many times, however next time maybe you'll have a multiple choices question or a listening/writing/translating question, just go on.with it and make more progress. :-)


exactly my position hope we get a back button


Totally agree here. Also add an image gallery with the words of each lesson, probably at the beginnning, just to relate some of the words before they are seen in context. it could be just one page that summarizes some of the words with images. For nouns and genders for example have a shoe with a pink background, or a pink shoe and the word chaussure. It would be helpful for remembering genders


I also agree it would be great to have a 'back' button.


I was thinking the same think, this shouldn't be to hard too hard to implement right?


I also would like a back button or back to previous page. For instance this I searched for this discussion and would like to go back to my original search to see if there is anything else that is relevant but I will have to search again. So a button for take us to the previous page would be good, as well as the other suggestions on the lessons. Does anyone with authority to implement suggestions look at these discussion?


Just noticed the Review button that appears after each lesson. Thanks Duolingo!

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