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Gender of words

My native language is Chinese,it's kind of hard for me being exposed to languages with genders.Can duo create different gender lists for the nouns we've learnt,or maybe these sort of lists in each unit.THX!

May 9, 2013



As a native English speaker, I agree that the learning of gender specific languages is a strange concept. How some languages can have 3 or more genders baffles me.


Good idea.

Some languages have some predictability to what the gender will be. I see that you are learning German. Check out http://www.lsa.umich.edu/german/hmr/grammatik/Gender/Gender.html and search for other articles like this. I think there are more complete lists out there.

Gender is a weird concept to me. The word "gender" itself comes to us from Latin and means "kind" or "sort" (the word genus). I think it just confuses people when terms like "masculine" and "feminine" are attached to genders when really they could just as well be called "Type 1 nouns" or "Type 2 nouns". I'm curious about why we use those terms in language learning at all. Just a little rant.


Haha,Great table you're offering me.

Well,they got Type 1 verbs and etc(not sure for all of them,French has at least. A bit like George Orwell's New Speak isn't it? I mean ,did he know French?)

I see that you mentioned latin.To me,case is also a strange thing,Chinese does not have case at all.Chinese doesn't even have concepts like singular/plural noun tense(Yeah! All in one tense),or verb conjugation.I don't understand why the people created those languages want to conjugate ,did they all just got nothing to do but to be preoccupied with speaking ? Learning latin will be more like tons of math equations rather than a language.

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