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  5. Thank you Duolingo :)


Thank you Duolingo :)

I'm Canadian, and I went to a French immersion school when I was younger. But a few years back, my family moved to the US, and I stopped speaking French completely. Last summer, my parents took me to Canada for a short stay, and that's when I decided to start relearning french.

A friend wanting to brush up Spanish introduced me to Duolingo a few weeks ago. Duolingo is a great vocabulary builder in my opinion!

I feel like I've rebuilt most my French vocabulary through Duolingo, and I'm regaining confidence in my French skills.

Thank you, Duolingo

May 20, 2020



elle-etudie, good to hear - succès !

It's good that you were able to get your French back before it began to evaporate away.


hey whats whith the thanks


So glad it is helping you. :) Bonne chance !


That's awesome. Have a bunch of lingots!

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