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  5. "Siamo a dicembre."

"Siamo a dicembre."

Translation:We are in December.

May 9, 2013



Any hard and fast rules for when to say a dicembre, and when to say in dicembre? edit: comment below downbooted.anyone?

[deactivated user]

    No, no, no! Another word for word translation. Stop it DL!

    • It is December

    Is how it is said in English.


    anyone know this yet? confuses me too


    In and a are interchangeable and used depending on personal habits and regional differences. In is preferred in the North, a is more commonly used in conversations etc. "A" is changed to "ad" in front of months starting with vowels like "aprile" and "ottobre." Check this article: https://www.thoughtco.com/italian-vocabulary-italian-calendar-months-4087628


    Why it is not "stiamo a dicembre"? I thought stare refers to space or time like in spanish


    Why would it not be "Siamo in dicembre"?


    Isn't it unnatural to say "We are in December" in English?


    It can be used. Perhaps a discussion with a friend about what to do and they keep bringing up things that will happen in January so you say but we're in December now as a way of getting them to focus on more current activities.


    Why was I corrected from "Siamo a agosto" to "Siamo in agosto" but now I was also corrected from "Siamo in dicembre" to "Siamo a dicembre"? Is it just because agosto starts with a?


    No, thru both can be used. Was your correction "Another translation"? Or were you marked as incorrect?


    It is December - is the better translation


    When is it a and when is it in?


    duolingo says 'a' means to or at, and in means in. what in the world is going on here?


    but I just had 'a' marked wrong for a month in the last section, told it should be 'in' please be consistent


    The sound was misleading! Unclear

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