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"Vogliamo accendere il riscaldamento."

Translation:We want to turn on the heating.

July 27, 2014



Don't know about the UK but in the US "heater" is a perfectly acceptable word here.


It's an acceptable word, but doesn't mean the same thing. "Heater" is the device, while "heat" or "heating" is the general concept. Italian also distinguishes between the two.


True but in American English, it is normal to say "turn on the heat" or "turn on the heater" (with heater being most common). Rarely do people say "turn on the heating".


WingFan: I agree with you, though I would say that the last option you cite isn't incorrect and might even be as common depending on regional, ethnic, or educational factors.


Referring to 'heating' is certainly common, such as a heating/cooling mechanic or a heating system. And I'll grant that there may be regions where the phrase "turn on the heating" is used, but not in my travels that I can recall (and I've been around the US quite a bit). Regardless, I think we can agree that 'turn on the heat (heater)' should be acceptable.


WingFan: Thanks for your take on it.


To be clear, "heat" is accepted here. It's just not the default translation. "Heater" is not, for the reason stated above.


...or "put the heat on," but that wasn't accepted . 16 Nov. 2018


Exactly; i'll report it.


Furnace is too :(


I have never heard "heating" used as a noun in the US in this context, don't know about other English speaking countries. If I were to use "heating" I would have to say "heating system".


No sound on this one. Reported


'put on the heating' is what I normally say but then I'm British and know no better


That sounds fine to this American. I don't see much difference between "put on" and "turn on" - I think you'd hear both here in the States.


Yup me too, I'm going to put on the heating.


In previous exercises in this lesson, accendere meant "to start". Although "start the heating" is not the most common phrase in English, it is acceptable, and not as clumsy as some of DL's sentences! I think it should be accepted


SueWaller: To my ear, 'start the heating' sounds unnatural. It'd be understood, but I doubt it's what a native speaker would say. In another context 'accendere' might well mean 'to start', but it can also mean to 'ignite' and I don't think you'd want to say "We want to ignite the heating". So for me, context is everything and 'start' just sounds incorrect.


How would you say, "We want to turn up the heat."? Google translate says, "Vogliamo alzare il fuoco." but do they really use "il fuoco" for heat in this sense?


In Australia we never say turn on the heating. It's always heater.


Agree. The owl doesnt always understand Australian.....


Can it also mean "raise the heat"?


If 'accendere' is 'to turn on', what would be the Italian for 'to turn up'? The reasnoning (faulty, as it may turn out to be):

'accendere' is also translated as 'to raise', which contextually is akin to 'turn up' or 'increase', plus

'accendere' is similar to 'ascend', which itself is closer to 'move up' than to 'turn on'.

Only curious.

PS: The comments by Nonna and Sedona, showed on this page only after i posted mine. Apologies for the repetition.

PPS: just reached 'accendere la macchina' - I surrender.


"Accendere" actually comes from the word "to light" or "to ignite" (and means these things in Italian), no relation to "ascend." I can't think of any contexts where it would mean "raise." It has similar roots to "candle" and "incandescent" in English: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/accendo#Latin

To turn up the heat, you would use the verb "alzare." Note that this would be "turning up the heat" in a literal sense, as the English expression has several figurative meanings.


Thank you, mmseiple! No regrets about my simplified linguistic reasoning turning out flawed, as I do feel enlightened :-) for which I am really grateful.


No problem, I love looking up the etymologies of words. : ) I like the Treccani online dictionary because it includes them at the beginning of each entry: http://www.treccani.it/vocabolario/accendere/


I used furnace and they didn't take it. Pretty narrow interpretation going across the languages.

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