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"De advocaat gaat ergens naartoe."

Translation:The lawyer goes somewhere.

4 years ago



In "ergens naartoe" and "nergens naartoe", what is "naartoe" adding to the meaning?

4 years ago

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(not an expert but) I think it is like the preposition - in dutch you need to say "the lawyer goes to somewhere" just like you have to say "to" in "the lawyer goes to the shop." Leaving naartoe out would be like saying "the lawyer goes the shop". In English, we drop the 'to' with 'somewhere' (or the meaning of 'to' is built in) - but Dutch is more systematic and does need it.

4 years ago

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And it comes at the end. It is almost(?) as if "naartoegaan" is one of those separating verbs.

3 years ago


Is it not "The lawyer goes towards somewhere"?

1 year ago