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"My mother gave me a very comfortable sweatshirt."

Translation:Ma mère m'a offert un sweat très confortable.

May 20, 2020



La plupart des français disent plus souvent" un pull" que "un sweat-shirt". C'est mon cas.


Ma mère m'a donné un sweat très confortable. Accepted :)


So, I have first to translate from American into English, and then select the one French word which Duo decides is appropriate ?!? 'Pull' is a given translation for sweatshirt on a number of translation sites.


Ma mère m'a offert un très confortable sweat-shirt devrait être accepté.


Why not "pull"?

I got this in the level up test and got marked wrong. I can already see someone had "m'a donne" accepted so the only difference with my answer was 'pull' instead of 'sweat'.

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