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  5. "Iain is in Portree."

"Iain is in Portree."

Translation:Tha Iain ann am Port Rìgh.

May 20, 2020



Please can someone help me with ANN AN and ANN AM? I think I may have worked it out myself but am not 100% sure. Does it follow the same rule as the masculine article taught previously ie. the BFMP rule for those consonants (countries/cities etc.) uses AM and all others use AN? This doesn't follow though for places starting with a vowel eg. Uist. Also I came across 2 sentences containing Fionnlainn where both AN and AM and also ANNS were used and an 'h' appeared in Fionnlainn so it read Fhionnlainn. Both sentences concerned it being cold in Finland. I'm really confused about this and can't find help in the notes, feel I'm not understanding properly what I'm doing. Sorry this is so long.


Since Silmeth can explain these things more eloquently than I can: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38691783 ;-)


Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction, Silmeth is extremely helpful. Much appreciated :)

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