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Please bring the Discussion to iPhone :)

I like using the Duolingo app for iPhone, it's elegant, smart, convenient, and i really do like the sound effets (it's cheerful and encouraging all the way!!!) But there's a lack of the discussion function, cuz i use it a lot, even when my answers are right, i would like to see other people's posts to know what their problems are or what they are thinking of. And usually, i can find some really useful information that i would never know if i did not click into it. And as you know, sometimes duolingo makes funny sentences, and i just can't wait to see other learners' reaction. So, at the moment, i prefer to use Duolingo on my laptop's browser rather than the mobile app, unless i'm out or can't carry my laptop or something. :) So please, bring it on the app !!! :)))))))) and thanks for your hard working !!! :D

May 9, 2013



That's the number one reason why I don't use the app (on the ipad), but rather the website, which can be slow on the ipad so the app would be preferrable It's because there's no discussion, which I think is a strong component on the learning process using duolingo


That's the only reason i don't use that app .It's very convenient and interesting otherwise.Currently i use it only for practice.

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