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I need more practice with declension! (and a couple of other points)

I've been really enjoying getting to grips with latin on Duolingo, but the thing I'm finding most difficult by far is declining the nouns. Conjugating verbs isn't so bad - they tend to follow similar patterns for the most part, with only a few curveballs. But nouns? There's so many variables to choose from and so far (I'm just about halfway down) I'm getting more errors from incorrect declensions than anything else.

Could Duolingo address this tricky skill more directly? I must confess I have no clue what it could look like, but a topic which delves into declension in particular would be very useful. Or possibly pre-lesson tips like you get in the more developed courses.

I gather the Latin course is still under development (or at least I hope it is), but since I've only been at this for just over a week I've not had a chance to see how frequent or infrequent any updates may be. Are more topics going to be added? If so, are they all going to be further down, or will they bolster the earlier levels? In addition, will new phrases be added to existing topics? I can't remember which one now, but there's one topic in particular which uses the verb to sleep to the point of obsession.

Finally, this course could really use some stories. When you're separated from the language by 1500 years context clues are even more useful, and stories would be great for this. Also animated characters in togas, tunics and legionary armour!

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Okay, so I should add that I use Duolingo on the iPad app, and was genuinely not aware that there ever WERE tips for Latin topics! There's no button on the app, but accessing on my laptop, there they all are. I'm wondering how much more progress I could have been making if I could have read up on declensions as I went...

May 20, 2020



A lot of your questions were addressed in my post three weeks ago. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38030583

If you really want to learn Latin (as opposed to just dabbling) I recommend getting any Latin beginners course. It will give your learning some direction and help tie together what you're seeing here.


Thanks for the reply. I think the bulk of my problem stems from simply not being aware that there were any tips for topics at all. Now I'm more than halfway through checking back on topics I'm more or less done with is really awkward. I'm enjoying learning latin a lot, but it would make things so much easier to have the tips put in on the mobile apps, so it would be very much appreciated if that were to be done sooner rather than later!


I have tips on Android. I don't use iOS, so I wouldn't know about that. That kind of thing is out of our hands. The staff controls what each version is like (Android/iOS/web).


I'm sorry to say that I've just checked the android app on my phone, and there's no tips button. It exists on the French course, but not latin. Same on iOS.


You can access a (possibly) slightly older version of TIPS AND NOTES from your duome page, here or, directly, here

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