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" community members will add languages" when will it be ready?

you said "We're working on ways for community members to add languages. " when do you think it will be ready? (it would be a shame to start learning a language now, and later wanting to change)

May 9, 2013



Hey! So, it's something for the near future. There's no date yet, but we'll keep you posted on our progress. You can learn more than one language on Duolingo at the same time. You can go into your settings and select a new language to learn. http://duolingo.com/#/settings/account Also, you'll notice the flag icon in the upper left of this page. If you click on it- you can see all the languages you can learn in the language you are currently learning in.

You can learn:

Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French in English

English in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish


Thank you so much, my whole family can now enjoy your wonderful site !


Do you plan to let us interact with natives e.g. english to spanish people message spanish to english people (you'd need to add German to English as another language for this to work fully)


Hey, there is a good site like this. http://www.language-exchanges.org/. You put in the language you know, and the one you want to know. Then you find people who know your desired language, and want to know your native language.


It'd be cool if people were able to add content to existing languages as well! (more advanced Spanish, French, German etc.)

[deactivated user]

    So could we see Croatian soon if community members will be adding? Also how will you get the same quality control?


    I would love to see Croatian/Swedish/Russian

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