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  5. "Bye, see you later."

"Bye, see you later."

Translation:Tìoraidh, chì mi a-rithist thu.

May 20, 2020



Is it possible to say 'Chi mi thu a-rithist?' I didn't input in case I got it wrong, but we've generally seen a-rithist coming at the end of a sentence. Thanks in advance!


Probably not in this phrase in the meaning see you later. As a sentence I will see you again – I think yes.

In Irish (and thus, I think, in older Gaelic – but would need to verify that) pronoun direct object tends to go at the end of a clause, so eg. chífidh mé arís ‘I will see you again’ vs chífidh mé Séamas arís ‘I will see Séamas again’, rugadh in Éirinn é ‘he was born in Ireland’ (lit. ‘one bore him in Ireland’), déanfad amáireach é ‘I will do this tomorrow’, etc.

But from examples I could find, like gheibh mi e a-màireach ‘I will get it tomorrow’, rugadh e ann an Alba ‘he was born in Scotland’ (rather than *rugadh ann an Alba e), etc. it seems to me this word order is no longer the default in Scottish Gaelic. But I guess the phrase chì mi a-rithist thu might be its remnant.

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