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Looking for Articulation software using diagrams of the mouth, tongue, lips, breathe

Seventeen years ago, in the middle of Canada, I bought a set of CDs, which showed how to make French language sounds and gave the user recorded feedback.

The software used profile diagrams of the mouth, lips, tongue and sometimes the throat and nose, to demonstrate breathe patterns, tongue movements and lip formations used in the production of French language sounds. Users recorded their sound production efforts into the software which provided feedback indicating the match to the model.

I can't find these CDs. They were great. Does anyone know of a site which offers this kind of instruction?

It seems to me Duolingo matches recorded answers in speaking exercises, but I've noticed words light up in a spoken answer sometimes before I've spoken them. the opposite occurs too. Duolingo sometimes holds off on some words perhaps at the beginning of the sentence until the entire sentence is recorded. Yet, Duolingo credits the sound production even if some words in the sound recording miss the mark.

I'd love to get that CD set..or the software behind it...to practice my French sound making..

I found this site https://bonpatron.com/phonetics/1431632185/ ...but it's not interactive..with the feedback component and in French sentences and language themes like the software the CDs used...

May 20, 2020



Was the software that you had made by Transparent Language, French Now! ? I may be wrong, but I think they presented diagrams of mouth position as well as a sort of "interactive"/feedback software component. Here is a picture of what the CD case looked like; the whole set came in a larger box. If that's the software you meant, you can find used and new copies on CD at ebay, and the company has an online site (free trial followed by subscription).

If you can make do with just diagrams of mouth position and audio, there are dozens of mini courses (and some rather maxi) online; some of the best I've seen are in French. YouTube has many good presentations. The old Barron's Pronunce it Perfectly in French had a book and cassettes (and has been maybe re-issued with CD), which you can still buy, and provided detailed practice, as did the Foreign Service Institute course (which you can find online).

FWIW, working on minimal pairs of syllables really helped me to get a handle on the pronunciation, years ago.

If the Transparent Language software is not what you had but you are interested in some of the material I referred to, ask and I'll hunt up some URLs.

(I have an old copy of Transparent Language's Russian Now! method and would check to see what the pronunciation facilities are like but cannot play it, as it is for Windows, and I am using Linux, and don't have an application installed to run Windows software.)


Thanks so much. Merci beaucoup.
Grace a toi..je peux perfecter ma pronunciation en francais si j'enregistrerai pour Transparent Language. J'ai trop appreciation... (sorry, I couldn't put in the accents and sorry for my grammar)

I do believe you found the software set that I purchased in 2003. I couldn't buy the CD set because they don't ship to Canada.

Tu es tres gentil.



De rien. Merci pour tes aimables paroles ! :)

I do believe you found . . . because they don't ship to Canada.

There are other offers of the same material on ebay, if you would like to look further. Search the ebay site for French now transparent -Kendris and you'll see almost a dozen offers. (To search use the search box at the top of the screen, copying in the search string exactly.) Maybe some of those sellers will ship to Canada. However, it would definitely be worth signing up on the Transparent Language website, IMHO. Especially as they offer a free trial, so you can see how it suits you.

I couldn't put in the accents . . .

It is not difficult to load a Canadian French keyboard template (much easier to use for those of us who are used to typing in English than is the Standard French one). Or you can load an "International" keyboard template. If you would like directions, please ask, stating what operating system or device you use.

. . . And thanks for the lingot!

Bonne chance !



je peux aussi utiliser un addresse aux Etats-Unis..en suite je peux avoir l'envoyer au Canada... Merci beaucoup... Sheri


Formidable ! :)

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