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Mystery student

Does anyone know what this is? I've set up a new classroom and have several students, plus this: tu.8zPhLpMrvaLOi tu.8zPhLpMrvaLOi@duolingo.com I tried the email and it's invalid.

May 20, 2020



A glitch happened while they were connecting to your class. Use process of elimination to figure out which student, then have him log into his account. (If he can't get in, it's because he is new and didn't finalize something somewhere, and he will have to make a new account. But that's not terrible if he is new.)

Tell him to click on the blue silhouette in the upper right.

Next, click on settings.

Next, click on progress sharing.

Now he can enter your classroom code.

You may be left with the artifact of the wacky e-mail. You can delete it.

This happens to me maybe twice a year, but this fixes it 100% of the time. Hope it helps you!


Did they use their own email?


No - it's an invalid email at duolingo.com


Can you ask the student if they used a valid email address to sign up?


The user name is tu.8zPhLpMrvaLOi, and then it repeats for the email.


You're right. It might just be a glitch when he was trying to make an account, and do use the process of elimination, make sure that he is new like MadameSensei stated.


I have the same problem, I remove the student but it keeps coming back.


The other possible idea is that some bot or someone playing with the security of the website added themselves. It isn't hard to go through all of the various permutations of all of the classes.


That's a thought, but since I see this once or twice a year with my own students, I doubt it.

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