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"If the fishing isn't good, you'll go buy some fish at the supermarket."

Translation:Si la pêche n'est pas bonne, tu iras acheter des poissons au supermarché.

May 20, 2020



The hint given for "fishing" was "des poissons" and I'm wondering how that would be used since it wasnt accepted the way I did it


'You'll go buy'? I understand that this is a direct translation but it is very clumsy English. Is it another example of Californian English or just a direct translation? An English person would either say 'You'll buy some fish' , or, 'you'll go and buy some fish'


"Acheter" is the infinitive, hence, even the direct translation would be "will go to buy". This is a preferred and correct, way for Americans but is not heard as frequently in the rest of the English speaking world


There's no "achèteras"? In my swiftkey suggestions, there is


I think the point is to teach that "tu iras acheter" is a way to say this in French and that "you'll go buy" is a way to think of it in English that suggests this French construction. I have a friend who works as a translator and usually uses the "aller" constructions (futur immédiat) because she finds them easier to remember.


I'm wondering why it isn't DU POISSON. Thank you.


I don't mean to be a grammar snob, but "will go buy" seems a little hickish. Simply saying "will buy" is much more precise. Is that "go do something" construction common in French? Is it consistent?


In the hint, it says "poisson" is singular. Therefore, why wouldn't it be ""de poisson" instead of "des poissons"? Is it because it is presumed you will buy more than one fish?


Why not "du poissons"


My answer should have been accepted i used the second person plural and you used the second person singular. Tranlating from english to french there is no way to knowb if (you) is singular or plural. In my opinion both should be accepted


Made correct answer, still, marked wronq


How the heck are are we supposed to know what ‘you’ll go buy some fish’ means in English??

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