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"I am hungry."

Translation:Ik heb honger.

4 years ago



Is 'ik ben honger' also proper to say?

4 years ago

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No. That would sound like 'I am hunger' in English.

4 years ago


I wrote "ik ben honger" first and it said the correct answer was "ik heb hongerig" so 2nd time around I wrote it but it came up saying the correct answer was "ik heb trek" What does trek mean? It hasn't come up before

1 year ago

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The normal way to say it in Dutch is Ik heb honger. If you want to use ben then it's Ik ben hongerig.

Ik heb trek is just another way to say that you are hungry, though is more used when you feel like eating something.

1 year ago


Does trek = peckish?

1 year ago


More or less. For people who survived World War 2, "honger" meant the kind of hunger that leads to starvation, not the kind of hunger that means it's time for dinner. So, "ik heb trek in wat eten" was the way to say "I'm ready to eat" without being overly dramatic.

11 months ago