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  5. "I cannot hear anything."

"I cannot hear anything."

Translation:Eu não consigo ouvir nada.

May 9, 2013



This sentence is a double negative. It would be like saying "I don't hear nothing" in English. Are these commonplace in Portuguese or is this an error?


No, its totally common in Portuguese. Ex"não comi nada hoje"... we say this way....


So in French, and in Hebrew as well


for Brazilian who learn English is kinda hard to defferenciate that, cause we like negative sentences :)

"- Did you hear anything?" (Você ouviu alguma coisa?") "- I didn't hear anything!.." (Não ouvi nada!")


I was not able to hear anything.


Ignoring all the tension between Brazilian and Portuguese, "Eu nao estou ouvindo nada" - meaning literally "I am hearing nothing" would be a good translation of "I can't hear anything" in the way in which English people use the expression.

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