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  5. "You are welcome, Archie."

"You are welcome, Archie."

Translation:'S e do bheatha, Eairdsidh.

May 20, 2020



I typed exactly what the translation states, but got a message about a typo, "beatha" instead of "bheatha."


The translation (the default one under the title of this discussion) states ’S e do bheatha, Eairdsidh with bheatha and not beatha so if you typed beatha, then you got a typo. Those are not the same words.

(you could write ’s e ur beatha… with beatha without lenition, but then you’d have to write the polite ur instead of informal do)


And why is that? Why does the informal, "do" cause lenition, but the Formal/plural "ur" does not? Again, this would be nice to have explained in the tips section so we dont have to go over it multiple times

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