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  5. "We have apples!"

"We have apples!"

Translation:Wij hebben appels!

July 27, 2014



Is there a wij and we? Is there a difference?


I heard from a Dutch girl that they are alike but the difference is that wij is mor emphatic, it is used to enphicize (sorry my bad english, i cant spell "emphasis").


The same for the other personal pronouns: je/jij, ze/zij...


What's the difference between "appels" and "Appelen"


Both are a correct plural of 'appel'. 'Appelen' is not used very often though.


If the word end with -el, em, en, -er letters than it gets -s to be plural.


Maybe you can use those as guidelines (I'm not sure), but they are not strict rules, e.g.:

  • het vel, de vellen
  • de pel, de pellen
  • de rem, de remmen
  • de pen, de pennen
  • het gen, de genen
  • de hen, de hennen
  • de ster, de sterren


I want to share more details about the rule.

If nouns ending with -el, -em, -en, -er, -d, -aar, -aard or –um and if the emphasis is not in the last syllable then the nouns get –s to be plural. For instance: de le-pel > de le-pels. Because the emphasis is in le.

All of your examples have one syllable so we can say the emphasis in the last syllable. Therefore we cannot apply the rule.


Ah ok, that makes sense.


why the : elephants - olifanten apples - appels (this is not :appelen)

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