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fantastic flirting? not really. :/

i spent thirty lingots on the flirting corse i got three lessons all of which contained the same sentences twice. there was a total of nine terms and they were all translating from french to english so no challenge at all because all the words given were the words nessesary.

May 21, 2020



A quick search on the forum should have given a heads up that it is useless. But on the plus side lingots are not real money and there is not much else you can do with them.


Yep, the "bonus skills" are a waste of worthless lingots.

Timed practice is the only thing worth getting.


R.I.P the 30 lingots lmao

[deactivated user]

    Thirty lingots are worth precisely nothing. So the value of what they can buy is likewise, worthless.


    That is really annoying !!! You must of been angry and sad i woyld ofn been


    I agree.. I'm french but i wanted to know what they said... Don't try to flirt like this

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