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"Let's be quiet; the bride's brother is going to sing."

Translation:Taisons-nous, le frère de la mariée va chanter.

May 21, 2020



I've been told/read that native speakers rarely use 'nous'; preferring 'on' instead. If that's the case, is 'tait-on' an accepted (generally; not by Duo) replacement, or is it grammatically awkward for reasons I don't (yet) understand?


There is no 3rd person form in the Imperative, so using "on" is not a possibility.

Incidentally, if it did exist, it would be "Tait-soi !", because "on" is a Subject Pronoun, not a Disjunctive Pronoun.


Does this need the 'nous' Other instances of 'let's do something' carry just the verb, ie 'Taisons'


Yes, it does - because it's a reflexive verb. As a statement eg we are being quiet, it would be nous nous taisons. So as an imperative, it needs the reflexive nous ie taisons-nous.


Does the absence of the hyphen make it wrong?

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