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je me fiche

as I understand this means "I don't care" but fiche means "plug". can somebody explain?

May 21, 2020



The same word can have several meanings. Ficher is a colloquial verb synonymous for mettre (to put) Example: "fichez-moi ça dehors".

A more rude variant exists, also beginning with f (as in va te faire fXXXXX)

A more polite way to say "I don't care" would be ça m'est égal (similar to German: es ist mir egal)


in German - for example - you cannot translate the idiom word for word:

Wurscht is the Bavarian / Austrian idiom of Wurst. in above phrase the noun Wurscht is used as an adjective. hence you need to spell it as such: Das ist mir wurscht.


Yes, but this is a colloquial form. Just as das ist mir schnuppe which is the German equivalent of French je m'en fiche.

Es ist mir egal exists in German, and it's the right translation for ça m'est égal or I don't care.


ok, I wanted only bring an example that one cannot translate idioms (colloquial or not colloquial) word for word in other languages either


I read "ça m'est égal" as like "all the same to me", is that basically accurate?


It's all the same to me would be c'est du pareil au même or simply c'est pareil pour moi, c'est la même chose

In slang, you can even say c'est du kif-kif" or "c'est kif-kif bourricot.


The verb is «s'en ficher » and is followed by «de » p.ex «Je m'en fiche de mon travail/ I don't care about my work ». It is in common usage and as others have explained cannot be translated word for word.

It should not be confused with «s'en foutre de .. » which has a similar but stronger meaning. («Je m'en fous de ça/I don't give a damn about that » - or even stronger «va te faire foutre/f*** off » ).


Yes, f** is very rude/gross/vulgar.

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