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  5. "He is not from America."

"He is not from America."

Translation:Chan eil e à Aimearaga.

May 21, 2020



Why don't they use "às" instead of "à" when the following place name starts with a vowel?


There is more than one spelling of America.


I might be wrong but the "Aimeireaga" spelling translates to "Americas" as if referring to the continent of north and south, and the translation for America the nation is "Aimeireagaidh".

But this is solely based on a very brief dictionary check-up so I'm likely to be mistaking. If anyone can clarify though that would be welcome :)


I really can't see the point of having to try to learn all these place names. Ok - perhaps it might be VERY vaguely useful to be able to read them, I can see not useful purpose in being able to write them. They are really holding up my learning, as they are, for the most part, very complicated to spell and I don't see myself ever using them.

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