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more grammar introduction and superior language learning??

Hi I just want you to know that this site is just the greatest language learning site ever! And thank you for your hard and excellent work here! However, there are some things I am longing for. First the grammar teaching here might not be sufficient to me as a novice Spanish learner and it will be very helpful if there is some more about grammar or a grammar page(as mentioned the other day). Second suggestion is that since I am not a native English speaker, I actually want to improve my English. But I see that most teaching here is targeted to learners of an inferior stage(no offence at all) and it might not be enough for people who seek a larger vocabulary or other abilities. Isn't it better if we have something for them too? Just try to help make this place even greater. Thank you again.

May 9, 2013



Your English seems great. What are you hoping to improve, if I might ask? I agree with your suggestion about basic grammar. I think one of DuoLingo's great strengths is the ability to leap in without getting hung up on grammatical rules, and being able to ask other learners for help is a great asset, but it would be ideal if there was also a grammar reference on the site. In a perfect world, I would love to be able to switch between "basic DuoLingo practice" for general vocabulary, and "DuoLingo grammar practice" to work on verb conjugations etc, to really strengthen my abilities.


Trying to improve vocabulary matters and it will be a much better world if I can understand all the sentences in TV dramas without a subtitle : D. And some phrases people use everyday but never appear on textbooks maybe? I don't really know.. I agree with you that Duolingo has the advantage of "leaping in without getting hung up on grammatical rules"(see, that's some sentence I can't organize myself). In fact I hate grammar rules although it helps a lot during my time learning English, which is why I depend on it so much now, maybe. I believe we language learners better make it a kind of instinct, just like our mother tougue. And in this way, grammar might be disappointing.


I am learning German which has complex Grammatical Rules. What I like about duolingo is that there is more Grammar than at "other" language sites.

I like to learn METHODICALLY, words, grammar, context. (methods such as being thrown into speaking a foreign language immediately make me intellectually hysterical)

So many language sites are just teaching people stupid tourist Parroting and if you do not have a sound foundation in Grammatical structure then you will be floundering in the future.

I advocate as much Grammar as possible AND/OR offer it as an option for more in depth study for those of us who like a more scholarly approach?

This way pell_mell will be happy and those of us who are Grammar Geeks will be happy!

Title it "Grammar Drills"

I do not mean to insult those of you who are learning a language for vacation travel purposes etc.

We all have our reasons and needs but I am returning to College and will be starting in depth "German" studies and with that comes lots of tough testing.


Warmest Regards,


PS-German Grammar is very intense and I personally do not see how anyone studying German will be able to converse well or intelligently without a thorough in depth understanding of its Grammatical Structure!


Hi! Thanks for the kind words and thoughtful feedback :) We're thinking about how to make the experience better for advanced language learners, and it's definitely a priority. In some of the hints in a lesson you'll notice that we do include grammar explanations. You can also find grammar points once you are in a skill (underneath the lessons). We'll be adding more interesting ways for advanced learners to improve their skills soon!


Do not forget the mobile experience as well! I do know within the lesson on the mobile app a little window or hover over pops up, but it would be equally helpful if there was a page that had the grammar points in a skill in the mobile app. Perhaps this grammar page can be the first page prior to lesson one of the skill?


Thank you for replying and the hard work for advanced learners. I am looking forward to it : ). And about grammar the one thing that drives me to other grammar sites is that there are occasionally some things I don't understand and have never told before, and is not the learning point of the lesson(i.e. why use esta but not es? why saying I like it I need to use me and gusta?). Maybe a link to a brief explanation will help a lot.

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