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  5. "A bheil am fìon math?"

"A bheil am fìon math?"

Translation:Is the wine good?

May 21, 2020



Sounds terrible here!! Like " a vin feein ma"


It's a bit rushed yes. Some people who did the recordings did them slower than usual. Others did them at full speed. I think this is closer to full speed.


If only that tortoise (turtle?) spoke Gaelic! The slowed down option, e.g. in Spanish, is immensely helpful.


Absolutely agree 100% on that! I've even said that on a comment before.


I couldn't hear this one at all, I had to skip it. I've come across really hard audio before and had to look and look and look through my notes, but this one was impossible. XD Now that I know the translation it makes sense, but this particular audio should be noted.


When do I use "am" or "an" for "the?"


an changes to am before the unlenited labial consonants: B, F, M, P.

It is explained in the tips and notes. The notes are available in the web browser version of Duolingo (on https://duolingo.com) – unfortunately not in the mobile app – and on the duome.eu website.


Definitely sounds like he's saying "a bheil thu"


I hear an 'n' sound before am fìon.

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