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"Elle ne mange pas de lardons, elle fait un régime."

Translation:She doesn't eat bacon; she is on a diet.

May 21, 2020



Methought that "lard" has become the more common word for bacon, while "lardon" refers to small bits of really fatty bacon used to add flavor to dishes, non?


Collins agrees with you: it defines 'lardon' as diced bacon (and as a bratty child!). For 'bacon' it offers 'le bacon' (lean) and 'le lard' (fatty).


Strictly speaking it's 'les lardons' (pl) which it defines as diced bacon, which casts further doubt on Duo's use of it.


I agree with all opinions on this (that it is not "bacon" in the true sense of the ingredient). What pains me is the misconception that fat or bacon are eliminated when you are on a diet. Fat does not make one fat. Fat is your best source of energy and the body uses it. Carbohydrates is not usable and is stored as fat - that is why we have an epidemic of obesity in North America - we cut out all the good fats (meat/ fatty meat, butter, cream, eggs, oils) and eat pancakes, cereals, doughnuts and add extra sugar to everything!! Sorry about the rant and I resolve to study hard so that I can explain this concept in French ;) !


I completely agree Elsa. It is more than that, natural fat is required by the body and especially the brain. Whole milk, cream,butter eggs etc are delicious and required for a healthy body. Like everything always in moderation....:) Manufactured replacements do harm.
Carbs should always be complex, and are your energy source, if you eat too many they will convert to FAT!!! It is easy really.....


I'm with both of you here - Lardon is a form of bacon, not a general term for the meat. It certainly was when in France this summer and every summer for the past fifteen years.


Lardons it not "bacon".


'Lardons' is now accepted in this sentence .


Lardons are not bacon, bacon is bacon, lardons are small bits of pork full of additives

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