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Offline resources for learning/practicing French

Hi, I'm looking for training resources to download now and use offline. Anything audio would be especially helpful.

May 21, 2020



I bought a box of 1,000 Berlitz flashcards...they're good because they include things like gender...things that are critical in addition to the meaning of the word... the down side though is the cards are small and THIN... I expect they will get folded and worn out so I seldom use them.

I have a Kindle Fire and a Kindle unlimited account and I have at least a dozen books that have cost me less than 20 USD so that's an option...I'm certain there are audio book options for cheap too but I haven't accessed any yet.

I like using BaBaDum but that is Online.


Thanks. I do have a Kindle and will look for some books. My French isn't great yet so will need something fairly easy, yet engaging.

The flashcard idea is good too, except that I don't have mail atm. I'll see if there are any downloadable.


Le Pendatif is a good one..L'etranger..is a bit more advanced... there are a LOT of short story options that aren't too childish... but you have to start somewhere..GL


Thanks again. I just found a tip on reading Kindle books--the Kindle has a Flashcard option! Every word you look up gets added to it. A couple of books, and this will keep me busy.


I am gonna check that out THANKS!!

[deactivated user]

    If you pay for PLUS on Duolingo, you can download part of the course for offline practice via the app.


    I should... I've been using Duo for years and would like to support them. I much prefer the website to the app, though.


    uh rude to duo!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i would say google translate but that doesnt help you learn that much

    [deactivated user]

      That is an online resource!


      Maybe flashcards

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