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  5. "An abhainn ann an Sìona."

"An abhainn ann an Sìona."

Translation:The river in China.

May 21, 2020



I typed what I heard. But why isn't it "anns an Sìona"


Because China is Sìona without definite article before it, so ann an Sìona (or even just an Sìona in more archaic language) – ann an is the regular form of the preposition in, and Sìona is the name of the country.

There is an alternative Gaelic name for China: an t-Sìn – and using that name it would need to be anns an t-Sìn with ann an changing to anns before the article an.

(I’m not sure if Duolingo accepts answers with an t-Sìn – if not it’d probably be good to report it)


Why not an t-abhainn?


Abhainn is a feminine noun starting with a vowel, so its definite article is just "an". "An t-" is the definite article for masculine nouns starting with a vowel, and for feminine nouns starting with s (although not those starting sg, sp or st).

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