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  5. "De jongens lezen."

"De jongens lezen."

Translation:The boys read.

July 28, 2014



I like the way 'jongens' is pronounced in the slow version of the sentence! Kinda startled me the first time I played the sentence. But is it some sort of exaggeration, or people really say it like this? It almost sounds a bit angry to me. Any thoughts?


I get what you mean. At first I also thought that it was pretty fast. But I had all of a sudden forgotten everything I learned and thought that it was: "De jongens lazy". Which made me laugh


Could "de jongens lezen" also mean "the boys are reading"?


Yes. That's also correct.


I am confused about the pronunciation of "n". I noticed a lot of times it doesn't gwt pronounced? so it's "jonges" or "leze" ? Is this a rule?

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