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Beginner's question about nasal vowels

Salut! I´m quite sure it´s a silly question but... is the "n" and "m" pronounced in the nasal vocals? Sometimes I can hear that "n" and "m" and other times I don't. At the moment it´s the only thing that stops me when I want to advance in French (for the fear of learning the pronunciation bad of a word)

Thanks in advance ;)

May 21, 2020



"On" and "om" should be pronounced nasally most of the time.

Exceptions :


So the m and n are not pronounced except when they are between vowels? Does the same works for in, im, an, am, en, and em?


Absolutely. There must be some exceptions to the exceptions. One I think of right off the bat is emmener for which you should pronounce the first syllable nasally.


Thanks you so much ZarrouguiL


Find a website, even GoogleTranslate will do, and use their audio feature to let you hear the sounds of a few letters typed in ("on", "om", "in", etc.). Then put in a few words which have those letters, so you can get the full word sound.


That´s a good one :) take note!

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