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  5. "We are scared."

"We are scared."

Translation:Tha an t-eagal oirnn.

May 21, 2020



Is there an etymological connection between eagal and eaglais, or am I reading too much into it?


Not in the way where one is derived from the other: eaglais is a borrowing from Latin ecclēsia (in turn from Greek ἐκκλησία, cf. ecclesiastic), whereas eagal is most likely derived within Goidelic from gal "valour" with the compound form ess- of the preposition meaning "out of" > "without" (cf. ScG à/às).

So the only etymological connection between eagal and eaglais would be that, purely by chance, they both contain the Indo-European preposition that is found in Old Irish ess- (in compounds, otherwise a), in Greek ἐκ/ἐξ, and also in Latin ex.


By thу way, what Gaelic etymological dictionaries could you recommend? It is always interesting to dig into origins...


I understand the answer, but I'm wondering why 'tha sinne an t-eagal' couldn't have also been an answer?


Transient emotions or feelings are usually spoken as being 'on' someone. They don't last, so they are something that is briefly on them.


Probably, because it means 'We are the fear'. :)


why not tha na t-eagal sinne??

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