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"She is going to think about me."

Translation:Elle va penser à moi.

May 21, 2020



Heart been broke so many times


as I do new lessons, the different meanings for à, de, en seem to be ever increasing they must be the most flexible words in the french language!


Can someone explain why a, not de?


à always follows penser. Instead of adding another preposition (e.g. de), the french simply use the à that is already there. It makes sense in a way. Just like de always follows souvenir, venir, besoin, beaucoup. You need to memorize or practice a lot to remember which verbs are followed by à, de, or nothing. (and some verbs have other prepositions that follow them.) Just something you get used to after a couple years. Practice, practice, practice. Conversation, speaking in particular, is best: une heure tout le jour.

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